The Scholars are our school age children. This classroom offers a warm environment designed to encourage social and emotional development, while providing a space to learn before and after school. The students can work independently or with assistance on their school work, while practicing cooperation and respect. With a balance of structured time and free play, the children can create crafts, discover circuits, read books, and more. Our mixed age class allows for peer and mentor relationships to grow.


Exciting field trips all summer long

Our summer is filled with trips around Central Iowa.  We'll see where our State's Legislative body meets, learn about our state's conservation efforts, and explore native prairie land.  We will also provide crucial support for our fellow Iowans with visits to Meals of the Heartland. 

Explore STEAM learning

Our curriculum supports full STEAM education. The students will experiment with cause and effect in nature, discover the scientific method and learn how to make solid conclusions, and they will build beautiful art creations each week. 

Collaborative outdoor activities

We will explore outdoor learning with the goal of working towards a common achievement to enforce crucial life skills. Additionally, we will focus on teamwork and sportsmanship during structured and abstract games and activities. 

Experience Iowa’s cultural footprint

The students will get to see all sides of Iowa culture. This includes a wide range of experiences, such as exploring Living History Farms, Waterford Nursing Home, and the State Historical Building in Des Moines. 

Build life skills while having fun

We encourage the children to focus on working as a team while being responsible for their own well-being . The idea of teamwork in learning is essential. We help children continue to build these skills throughout the summer. 

Continuous focus on literacy

Our in-house library was expanded through a generous donation, and features exciting series like The Animorphs and Captain Underpants. We have the book that will capture the imagination of your child!